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The Thirst – A new music review by Pure Insider

The first authentic band in a long time with a real thirst for their own sound

The Thirst

It’s not often that I get really drawn in by music playing in the background at one the busiest areas of London, Piccadilly Circus; usually it just passes me buy as I navigate through the people traffic. On this occasion however, I found myself stopping and losing time watching this energetic and captivating band play to an audience of passers-by. Pulled in by the music, I became part of the crowd, hypnotically head bobbing and foot tapping to the raw energy of these buskers. The scene looked more like a flash concert than city busking.

The magic of live music is that it involves everyone, the entire audience experiencing and sharing the music as the sounds wash over them in open air. And we were all a part of it then. For that brief period of time, everyone who had stopped to watch these buskers had completely forgotten what they had been doing or were going to do – all that mattered were the sounds coming from the instruments in front of them.

Ahead of the crowd were four musicians, who looked like they could easily have been the offspring of Lennie Kravitz- inheriting not only the looks but swag and raw talent (yes we occasionally use the word swag, why not!). The drummer fuelled energy into the performance, while the singer sprung off the beats and sang effortlessly captivating his audience. Cool, but not whiny, indie and rock but refusing to sit easily in either genre. This band’s sound was authentic, passionate, and left me questioning why I hadn’t heard of them before?! This was real unadulterated fresh talent, and clearly a lot of people agreed. In the few moments I had joined the crowd to listen, the mass of people had at least doubled, the throng of people catching passers-by like a spinning cog with fish hooks. The band drew in people like a magnet, drowning out the background noise of this tourist hot spot.

Starting with what I later learned is their upcoming first single, “Could this be real”, they showed off their latest new material. Later on I downloaded their debut album, “On the Brink”, and found myself driving the longer route home just so I could finish the album. The Thirst’s sound was truly original, with strong acoustics not drowned out by over production in the recording process – a refreshing sound amidst over-played chart tracks that usually turn me off my usual playlists.

A band well worth the listen regardless of your usual type of music. Check them out here.

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New Music Monday – The Used


With two gigs on within the same building, the crowds are piling in. The Used fans are swarming the merchandise desk as soon as they’ve stepped foot inside. Hoodies and t-shirts are being worn straight away as people rush upstairs to the venue.

The venue itself is filled with couples, well it is Valentine’s Day, all seemingly having the best date of their lives.

Having been away from our shores for so long, The Used’s return is highly anticipated. The chatters from the crowd all seem to be whether they’ll play ‘their best song’, however, what song that is happens to be up for debate between fans. Everyone is eagerly awaiting The Used to start. Once the house lights go down, the band are greeted with a raucous welcome, screams piercing the darkness, showing just how excited they are.

Bert McCracken is a powerhouse of a frontman. His stage presence falls somewhere between over excited child and entrancing showman. Even without guitarist, Quinn Allman, the band storm through their set and have everyone captivated.

If you want a slick, polished band, then The Used aren’t for you. But, if you want a group with heart and passion and talent, then they’re one of the best around.

Take It Away has people moving from the very front barrier to the back by the bar. Nobody seems to be able to resist getting lost in the music. With Taste Of Ink, McCracken rallies the troupes with almost a battle cry.

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First commercial DAB+ service goes on-air in Belgium


The World DMB Auto Event in Brussels is underway


It’s becoming ever apparent that the future of radio is digital. If Norway announcing its 2017 switchover date wasn’t enough momentum, today the World DMB Automotive Event launches the first commercial DAB+ service in the Brussels region of Belgium.
The launch of the commercial DAB+ is set to enhance the offerings of the Belgian public broadcasters VRT and RTBF, which account for 16 different stations already using DAB.
Norking is continuing testing and expects to have DAB+ coverage for Antwerp and Ghent by 2017.

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Pure’s pick of the weird and the wonderful from the Official Billboard Awards 2015 #BBMA2015

Kanye gets booed on stage

Kanye West: love him or loathe him, his commitment to his performances can’t be questioned.  Surrounded by pyrotechnics recreating a scene from, what we consider to be a recreation of the cult horror film “Drag me to Hell”, Kanye could be seen bouncing around the stage dodging both flames and back-up dancers. But amid the roaring flames and Yeezy rapping his new single All Day, were boos from the audience. His sister in-laws, Kylie and Kendall Jenner were also booed as they introduced him onto the stage. Perhaps Kanye’s marmite personality is starting to effect his reception at live shows.

For those watching on the television at home (i.e. the rest of us mere mortals), profanities in his song were censored with silence, leaving gaps up to 15 seconds long in the song.


This Tweet from Ed Sheeran

No additional comment needed

Blog Image 1


Taylor Swift unveils the craziest pop video since Miley swung in on a wrecking ball

Taylor Swift – as well as picking up eight awards- premiered her new video, Bad Blood.

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to get Lena Dunham smoking a cigar, Swifty walking through fire and Ellie Goulding shooting a bazooka gun, broken up by a superhero-esque cat fight to the background of a new pop hit? No?!  Really? Us neither, but here it is:



The amazing Photoshop skills in this pic of Harry Styles from the event

Blog Image 2


Sam Smith’s Love Actually style acceptance speech

Blog Image 3


At home recovering from surgery on his vocal cords, Sam Smith was unable to be at the awards but gave this charming speech via cue cards, reminiscent of the silent love speech in Love Actually.

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Our Top Drumming Tracks for International Drumming Month

To celebrate International Drumming Month 2015, here’s our pick of favourite drumming tracks:


Travis Barker, Can a drummer get some?


The first single from Barker’s first album “Give The Drummer Some”, Can A Drummer Get Some, features Swizz Beatz on the hook, and Game, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross turning in vocal performances to make this a stunning debut single from Travis Barker.



Blink 182, Feeling This


Undoubtedly evoking nostalgic memories for most readers, Feeling This is not only a classic Blink 182 track but a 3 minute showcase of Travis Barker’s unquestionably impressive drumming skills. It’s not often that the drumming usurps a track’s lyrical legacy and creates a signature tone for a band, but Travis does just that here (as he does again and again with the band).



Dain Bramage, Drag Queen


Recorded when Dave Grohl was only around sixteen years old, this track might not be celebrated as his best but demonstrates how his skills were honed from a young age. His signature speedy form was already taking shape here.



Nirvana, Aneurysm


Grohl’s drumming skills became better known in his days as Nirvana’s drummer, with the hypnotic beat conducting the uninitiated Nirvana fans to fall in love with the band’s cathartic chords and angst-driven lyrics.



Led Zeppelin, When The Levee Breaks


Not necessarily the most technical drumming in this track, but John Bonham’s background beat is what many Led Zeppelin fans appreciate about this track. It’s the rhythmic chant to a classic band that seems timeless in the world of rock.



The Beatles, Rain


Ringo Starr said Rain was among his favourite performances on a Beatles recording. “I feel as though that was someone else playing – I was possessed! …I think I just played amazing. I was into the snare and the hi-hat. I think it was the first time I used this trick of starting a break by hitting the hi-hat first instead of going directly to a drum off the hi-hat.”



Elvin Jones Special Quartet, John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme: Pursuance

Elvin Jones Special Quartet “A Love Supreme: Pursuance” from Wynton Marsalis on Vimeo.


Elvin Jones’ playing here is sensational, complementing Coltrane’s jazzy off-beats and luring listeners into the trance of the track with a vivacious musicality that does Coltrane’s piece justice.

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New Music Monday – New Found Glory


An unfortunate guest list mishap means that I missed the first two bands. But soon enough I was safely inside and out of the rain in time to see State Champs. Their sound was a bit more like pop punk by numbers, leaving me a little underwhelmed. A lot of the crowd seemed really into them but a good percentage are using their set time to go and get a drink instead. With vocals doing nothing to stand out from the crowd, they just don’t leave a lasting impression. Although the second half of their set is much stronger, with them finding their stride and managing to make more of a breakthrough with the audience. Overall, it wasn’t that captivating compared to so many other bands within the genre.

A little rougher round the edges (and vocals) than a lot of pop punk, The Story So Far provide a winning combination that really strikes a chord with the crowd. They’re an unlikely looking band but really don’t have to do much more than play the opening half of their first song to have everyone going wild. They play hard and they play fast, their set feeling like it had only just begun when they’ve finished, with every song feeling like it should be screamed along to with your best friend in arm.

With years of touring behind them, New Found Glory have had plenty of time to hone their craft. Showing everyone what pop punk should be, they go about playing an enthusiastic set. With the new songs going down with just as much excitement as old classics, the fans are lapping it up. ‘Kiss Me brings about a sense of companionship – with people hugging whoever’s next to them and snogging their mates,  and My Friend’s Over You as possibly the loudest sing along I’ve ever heard. Kudos to the couple in front of me who seem to have choreographed dance routines for certain songs. With so many albums, and years, under their belts some bands can sound a little jaded but New Found Glory just sound genuinely pleased to be able to play to fans.

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Pure Supports Soundtrack to Sports Charity

Pure Supports Soundtrack to Sports Charity – GB 365

Sports Traider

Pure is pleased to announce our support today for the official sound track for sports charity Sports Traider. The single, “GB 365”, by singer/ songwriter Alexander Joseph, will be launched officially at Hoops Aid, a major sporting event for the British Basketball League.

Hoops Aid will be held in the 02 Arena, featuring exhibition matches from the Paralympians, Battle Back Heroes and the Pro Celebrity All Stars.

GB 365 is being supported on Pure’s music streaming service, Pure Connect, available to listen to now with a Pure Connect subscription.

Says Paul Brown, Head of Media, Sports Traider: “We’re really pleased that a brand like Pure is able to support a sound track that embodies the passion we have for this charity. The songwriter himself shares our passion for sport and understands how motivational music can be in sports. The fact that this track is now available on a mainstream music streaming service like Pure Connect gives this track even more potential to reach and inspire others.”

Artist Alex Joseph explains: “The power of music in sport should not be underestimated, and neither should the benefits of sport for young people regardless of background and ability. Pure’s support for GB 365 not only raises awareness of Sports Traider’s fundraising by association, it helps to extend the track’s potential reach and spread this message further.”

More about the songwriter…

Alexander (Alex) Joseph is an established artist but has enjoyed many successes in both music and sport. As a musician he cut his teeth as a singer/ songwriter in the open mic scene in Bath, combining playing solo with a covers band that provided the platform to experiment and grow as an artist.

Alongside this he was juggling a career as a burgeoning tennis player, from which he moved into sports coaching, enjoying time working with the England Netball and British Skeleton teams, tennis, badminton, wheelchair basketball and, more recently, wheelchair tennis. Knowing that music burned in him just as passionately as sport, he has sought to combine these two motivations.

Alex left a full time role working in sport to make room for his growing musical ideas which is where the idea for the song GB 365 blossomed. The women’s GB Wheelchair basketball team picked up on the song as something of a “war cry” curing a recent world championships and excitement about the track has since been quickly growing in momentum.

More about Sports Traider…

UK charity Sports Traider is a youth-focused charity offering young people the kit and support they need to discover and fulfil their sport ambition and potential, whatever their background, ability or disability.

Sports Traider will be featuring GB 365 by Alexander Joseph across its platforms over the next year in preparation for the Olympics and also in its bid to encourage more grass roots level involvement in sport among children.

Proceeds from the single will go to Sports Traider to be channelled back into funding sports coaching, access to facilities such as gyms and sports clubs and even transport required to get talented but disadvantaged athletes to training.


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Pure’s Pick of Bank Holiday Gigs

Olly Murrs 1


This Monday (4th May)   is the early May bank holiday which means an extra day off to do whatever you please. If you fancy seeing some live music this long weekend, you’re spoilt for choice. We’ve put together a list of the UK’s top gigs and music events to help you have a fantastic May-day weekend.


Friday 1st May

Olly Murs, Nottingham – Join former X-Factor contestant on his latest tour this Friday at the huge Capital FM arena. With support from the brilliant Ella Eyre, it’ll be a great way to kick of your three-day weekend.

Olly Murs is also performing shows at the O2 in London on Sunday 3rd May and Monday 4th.

Odesza, London Odesza are an American music duo well known in the underground electronic music scene. They’re playing intimate East London venue The Laundry which has hosted its fair share of house and electronic artists.


Blog 2

Saturday 2nd May

The Vamps – LondonThe Vamps, with support from Union J, will be headlining London’s famous O2 arena on their first UK and Ireland arena tour. They have already received great reviews for their tour thus far, so if pop music is your vibe this is the concert for you.

Southampton Soundclash FestivalThis is perhaps one of the biggest events taking place this weekend. The Southampton Soundclash Festival has a huge line up including Gorgon City, Hannah Wants and DJ EZ. Taking place at Silverlake Stadium there are four stages with an army of house, trance and DNB artists.


Sunday 3rd May

Land of Kings Festival – London – This is a multi-venue mini music festival in Dalston, East London. The line-up includes artists such as The 2 Bears, Waze and Odyssey and Nathan Fake and promises some great funk, electronic and indie tunes.

Purity Ring – Bristol – If you feel like something a little different on Sunday night, check out synth-pop band Purity Ring. This Canadian duo is known for their trance-like music and have two studio albums under their belt.

UB40 – Newcastle – What better way to celebrate having Monday off than a night with one of Britain’s most iconic reggae bands? UB40 will be playing a mixture of their greatest hits and new tracks from their latest album, Getting Over the Storm.

Image 3


Monday 4th May

Laura Marling – Bristol – Folk singer songwriter, Laura Marling, is performing at the O2 Guildhall in Southampton on Monday and will be showcasing music from her most recent album, Short Movie.

Charley Pride – Birmingham – If you’re a fan of country and western music, 60s and 70s hero Charley Pride is playing the Symphony Hall in Birmingham.

Ugly Duckling – Birmingham – This hip-hop trio from California are playing the Hare and Hounds in Birmingham. Their music style is old-school hip-hop and they’ve been likened in the past to bands such as Beastie Boys and Run-DMC.

Going to any music events this long weekend? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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Celebrating English Music Artists this St George’s Day

To celebrate St George’s Day we’ve created our own Pure Connect track list of iconic English Artists.


The Kinks – All day and all night


Oasis – Morning Glory


Arctic Monkeys – R u mine?


The Who – My Generation


The Rolling Stones – Rocks Off


London Calling – The Clash

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Top Music Picks for this Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

In order to make the most of 2015’s first bank holiday weekend, here’s our top live music events taking place over the weekend.



This mash-up of the noughties’ two most adored punk-rock boy bands are playing two nights at the O2 this weekend:  Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April. If you’re feeling nostalgic this super group is bound to put on an energetic performance. Tickets are available here.




Dutch music producer and DJ, Afrojack, is one of the most influential names in house and electronic music. He has worked with well-known music artists from Beyonce and David Guetta to Madonna, and has even won two Grammy Awards for his work. As well as his own shows, Afrojack is a frequent festival headliner and guarantees an explosive show. If house music is your vibe, then head over to the Electric Brixton on Sunday 5th April. To catch Afrojack performing live.



London International Ska Festival

This long weekend hosts the fifth London International Ska Festival, a multi-venue event set to showcase all that is good about the world of Ska – starting with its roots in American Rhythm & blues to more modern day Ska sounds. With a line-up featuring reggae legend Lee Scratch Perry plus many more, you’re guaranteed a weekend full of sweet sounds. One wristband gets you entry to all acts and venues over the 4 day festival. More information can be found here.

wolf alice


North London indie foursome Wolf Alice formed in 2010 and has since released two Eps as well as three singles. Named Best Breakthrough Act in 2013 at the UK festival awards, their debut album, My Love is Cool is set to be released in June. If you fancy a sneak peak you can catch them at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire on Friday April 3rd.



The Lock Tavern Festival

This is the second year running of the Lock Tavern Festival in Camden, which is a free entry, four day event of live music and merriment. Featuring many different artists and genres, information regarding the line-up can be found here as well as how to get a ticket. As well as great music, the Lock Tavern Festival also promises some fantastic street food, courtesy of various London pop-ups.

Let us know if you’re going to any of these events or if you have other plans for the Easter bank holiday weekend – we’d love to hear!


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