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29 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Why the selfie stick officially has no place at live music gigs

Selfie Stick image

Held high above crowds in London by tourists live blogging their trips as a 21st century souvenir, carefully positioned by groups of pouting girls, and behind every 10 year old who has already mastered the art of the selfie, is the infamous selfie stick. They’ve even found their way into family gatherings – taking the place of the traditional *position – timer – run back into place* family photo, which as we all know fails. Love them or hate them, the selfie stick has its uses. However, just like the rise of the selfie itself, the selfie stick has been equally controversial, dubbed by many as the “wand of narcissus”. But are they really that offensive that they should be banned from public places?

A point of debate in the music industry was the announcement that major British venues, including the O2 Academy Brixton, London’s O2 Arena and the SSE Wembley, have all banned selfie sticks. The Academy Music Group, who owns the O2 Academy Brixton, simply explained this was part of their policy which prohibits any filming of performances on personal devices. Evidently there’s not much to debate there. It’s a logical update which doesn’t really change what giggers are already accustomed to at the venue. Other arenas however, according to NME’s report, explained that “while taking pictures is part of live music for audiences, anything that blocks the view of others is not welcome.” Ultimately then, it’s about preventing gadgets from disturbing other giggers from enjoying live performances. But is this a realistic demand?

Like it or not, the rise of the selfie is prolific and has been become so entrenched into pop culture that the word “selfie” even found its place in the Oxford English Dictionary. A gadget that made selfies easier was bound to be popular. Its success has usurped most expectations. Amazon UK stick sales rose by 301 per cent between September and November, and then another 65 per cent month-on-month in December, which it attributed to “people preparing to capture all the action of festive parties and family get-togethers”. There’s a stark contrast, however, to someone waving around a phone at a gig, to a long stick being propped in the air waiting to poke people in the eye.

While there are those who may claim these venues need to adapt to changing technology trends, it’s important that the technology always adds to the experience, not detracts from it. If you’re stuck in a large crowd and lacking height, this gadget can serve as a nifty solution, but there’s something about a selfie stick which doesn’t seem appropriate in a crowd of people enjoying live music, appreciating the moment.  Technology should always enrich a live music performance, not detract from it.

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27 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

How to Keep Your Motivation Momentum this January


We’re all familiar with the fitness boom that overcomes January. Suddenly, classes at your local gym are booked for months, ten minute waits for a treadmill are the norm and it’s impossible to get away from everyone’s #cleaneating Instagrams.

It isn’t until the third or final week in January when momentum starts to stumble. The cold, miserable weather makes that calorie packed take-away look all that more appealing and the thought of that fifteen minute walk to the gym seems unthinkable.

So how do we make sure we keep to our  New Year’s resolutions? It’s been scientifically proven that music provides the motivation we need to get moving and causes a positive attitude change whilst exercising . The body naturally wants to move and synchronise with music and it can also distract you from feelings of pain, physical exhaustion and boredom. The ideal music to work out to is anything between 125 and 140 BPM (beats per minute).

We’ve compiled a selection of upbeat, high-tempo tracks to keep your blood pumping and morale high, so if you’re feeling a little discouraged check out this playlist out a more productive work out.

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25 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Hosting the Perfect Burns Supper

Burns night, is the annual celebration of the life and work of famous Scots poet, Robert Burns (or Rabbie Burns to us Scots!). The celebration falls on the 25th January, the day of the poet’s birthday and usually involves what is known as a ‘Burns Supper’; an evening full of Scottish food and entertainment.


Image: The Guardian

Today, I will be joining my friends in celebration. So whether you’re having a small informal gathering, or a fancy dinner party, I’ve put together a guide on how to host the perfect Burns Supper.

For fantastic and easy Burns night recipes check out these on BBC Good Food.

Piping in the Guests

It’s customary to welcome your guests with a flood of traditional music, but don’t worry if you haven’t got a piper on your guest list. One of these tracks will do nicely.

The Selkirk Grace

This is a short prayer that is read out as the food arrives:

Some hae meat and canna eat,

And some wad eat that want it;

But we hae meat, and we can eat,

And sae let the Lord be thankit.

This should of course be recited (or at least attempted) in old Scots.

Address to a Haggis

We like to welcome in the haggis (who is after all, the guest of honour) with not just more bagpipes, but everyone must stand as a toast is made in its honour. Address to a Haggis comes from a poem written by Robert Burns… if you don’t believe me listen on Pure Connect here.

The Supper (My favourite part)

Typically, a Burns Supper consists of haggis, neeps (mashed turnip) and tatties (mashed potato), not forgetting plenty of Scotch whisky. There are however variations and vegetarian haggis available for non-meat eaters.

Immortal Memory

This speech pays tribute to the life, poems and brazen nationalism of Robbie Burns. If you’re unfamiliar with his history, have a wee read here. After this speech everyone toasts to Burns, and the entertainment continues.

Toast to the Lassies

Perhaps one the most entertaining part of the evening, The Toast to the Lassies, is a speech given by one of the male guests, incorporating plenty of quotes from Burns himself. Traditionally, this was a toast to thank the women who prepared the dinner; however it’s now become a tongue in cheek speech often referencing the ladies present at supper.

Reply to the Laddies

This is the woman’s reply to the Toast to the Lassies, which is also supposed to be amusing. The lady giving the speech will comment on anything brought up in the previous toast, and her particular views on contemporary men.

Burns Poetry

This is a MUST for any Burns supper. Guests will recite the famous poems and songs of Burns. Have a listen to some of his most popular works here.


This is a finishing speech by the host, followed by everyone holding hands and singing Auld Lang Syne.

Burns Night truly is a special affair that’s fun for everyone. If you want to embrace the Scottish culture today but don’t want to go as far as hosting your own supper there should be plenty of events near you to celebrate. Alternatively, tune into ‘A Burn’s Supper’ on BBC Radio 4 today at 4:30pm to hear some famous Burns poetry. If music is more your thing, check out BBC Radio 6 ‘Lang May your Rum Reek’ for three hours of great Scottish music and artists, or check out this playlist full of Scottish favourites.

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16 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Our Best Bits from the Brits

Last night the nominees for the 2015 Brit awards were announced, with some more surprising than others. English singer-songwriter Sam Smith is up for an impressive five awards, closely followed by Ed Sheeran who has been nominated for four. The rest of the nominations can be viewed on The Brit Awards 2015 website, and the winners for the ‘Best British Video’ and ‘Best British Breakthrough Act’ categories can be voted for there as well.

Historically, the Brits has been a celebration and commemoration of great British pop music, with a host of famous acts performing throughout the years. This year’s show will see Paloma Faith, George Ezra and Royal blood give memorable performances.

However, the flurry of fabulous outfits, emotional acceptance speeches and fantastic performances aren’t the only memorable moments of the Brits. We’ve listed five of our favourite controversial, entertaining and funniest clips of the ceremony throughout the years.

5. Harry Styles misses collecting his award.

At the Brit Awards in 2014, One Direction went on stage to collect an award for Best British Video and one member was missing. About halfway through the speech, Harry runs up towards the stage and apologises claiming he was late because he had to go to the bathroom!

4. A little known DJ thought he had won a Brit.

This also happened in the 2000 show. During the presenting of the award for ‘Best  British Sound Track’. The winner was Notting Hill; however a DJ named Brandon Block had a little too much to drink and was convinced by a friend that he had won. Let’s just say it was fairly awkward when he climbed up on stage, and nobody had any idea why he was there. He then attempted to start a fight with Ronnie Wood before being escorted off stage by security.

3. Liam Gallagher throwsIn  his Brit into the Crowd.

You can always count on Liam Gallagher to cause a stir . In 2010, Oasis won  Best Brit Album of the Past 30 Years and Liam came to collect the award. After thanking everyone in the band, except for  his brother who was the cause of the band splitting the previous year, he threw his microphone and then his award into the crowd. Host Peter Kay was less than impressed.

2. Russell Brand Hosting the Brits

It’s hardly surprising that Russell Brand caused controversy in the 2007 Brits, they must have known what they were getting themselves into as ITV received over 300 complaints about his bad taste jokes and Ofcom received another 100.


1 Adele’s performance of Someone Like You

This is perhaps one of, if not the most memorable performances in Brit history. In 2011, Adele performed her song ‘Someone Like You’ with just a piano accompanying her. This emotional performance caused sales of her single to skyrocket, leading to her securing a British number 1 for the song.

Make sure you watch 2015’s Brit Awards hosted by Ant and Dec and scheduled to air Wednesday 25th February, and let us know via Twitter and Facebook who you want to win.






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13 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Our CES 2015 Highlights

Quality is King

As this year’s CES has closes its doors for another year, we reflect on the highlights of the show and give you an idea of how the future of consumer electronics is shaping up. With convenience usually driving the adoption of new technologies, there seems to be a shift towards quality and a focus on developing existing technologies to make them smarter, faster and more reliable.

That said there is certainly an abundance of innovation taking centre stage, from self-watering flower pots, huge developments in 3D printing, IoT, a surge in wearable technologies and in our eyes a revolution in high quality audio.

Below we share our three trends from the show as we saw it.

High Quality Audio

Hi-res audio is starting to gain some serious traction, with two major launches here at CES. First is the Walkman ZX2 portable music player designed specifically for Hi-Res Audio, and, more excitingly for us, Meridian Audio showcased its MQA technology. MQA was described as “the best product at CES so far” by Michael Brown, Editor of Techive.com and rightly so. It’s a major development in audio, which could potentially revolutionise the industry, the way in which vinyl and the CD once did.

4K Ultra HD

It’s not a new technology and has been on the horizon for a while as a premium TV resolution, but 4K is set to take over from Full HD. If what we’ve seen at CES 2015 is anything to go by, it won’t be long before manufacturers stop making 1080p televisions below 55-inches, opting for 4K Ultra HD TVs.

One TV that set itself aside from the competition is Sony’s new Bravia 4K Ultra HD TV. All three models feature an ultra-thin “floating” style creating a near-frameless shape that can be mounted right up against the wall.

Continuing the TV trends, curved TVs are still a main focus for manufacturers and CES is still the platform to launch them, though we don’t believe they will be around at next year’s CES nor will the average consumer be rushing out to buy them.


It’s clear that people see a need for wearables to help them manage their health, track their fitness goals or use them in business meetings, and the number of launches at the show is a clear indication that the industry believes it is a trend set to stay. Wearables can offer a more personal experience, working in harmony with the human body; one smartwatch we saw claims to measure the amount of calories you consume in a day.Another monitored sleep patterns, while the majority of smartwatches measure the number of steps taken each day and fitness activities undertaken.

As our parent company, Imagination Technologies is one of the official launch partners of Android Wear, the operating system designed by Google for output wearables like smartwatches. We like to think we know what we’re talking about and it’s fair to say we are excited by the latest developments and look forward to seeing those that prosper.

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05 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Imagination’s Caskeid wireless audio platform to support MQA


Wireless multiroom streaming technology to support true reconstruction of studio quality audio





Las Vegas, USA – 5th January 2015Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) announces that its Caskeid wireless audio IP platform is set to be the first multiroom streaming solution to support MQA (Master Quality  Authenticated), a revolutionary new British technology developed by Bob Stuart, founder of Meridian Audio that is bringing a whole new meaning to the sound of music.

Adding MQA support to Imagination’s Caskeid wireless audio platform will enable licensees of the Caskeid family of technologies to develop wireless multiroom and multi-channel speakers that offer their customers the benefit of a high-resolution audio experience throughout their homes. The Caskeid platform’s class-leading sub 20µs synchronization technology is uniquely capable of delivering MQA’s intended studio quality audio in a wireless multiroom or multi-channel environment.

Caskeid licensees and partners include Frontier Silicon, Media-Saturn Group, Onkyo, Pure and Meridian Audio with many more to follow.

Says Bob Stuart, Meridian Audio chairman and co-founder: “MQA is the result of years of work in a bid to elevate sound quality whilst ensuring convenience for the customer. The news that Imagination’s Caskeid wireless audio platform, which is the only wireless multiroom synchronization technology out there that truly offers a platform for high quality audio, is to support MQA is very exciting as this will enable us and others to achieve the best audio reproduction in the wireless sphere whilst retaining the purity of the original source material.”

Hossein Yassaie, CEO, Imagination says: “Integrating Meridian’s MQA technology will elevate the listening experience and bring audio quality back to the center stage enabling music fans to hear content as the artist originally created. We are delighted to be working with a company with such a respected audio heritage as Meridian to drive this agenda.”

MQA, announced in December 2014, allows the listener to hear the sound exactly as it was captured in the studio. Rather than capturing the highest sample rates, MQA brings together the three ideals of studio-quality sound, convenience and end-to-end authenticity. It uses a completely new concept of capturing the total essence of an original recording and conveying it all the way to the listener, assuring that what is listened to is identical to the final recording.

MQA begins with the sound that’s been signed off by the artist and producer. Every last subtlety of that recording is captured using a new sampling method that can resolve the finest nuances and important timing information delivering them to the player. The process is called ‘Encapsulation” and it is informed by the latest neuroscience and psychoacoustic research that shows how people identify and locate sounds and that timing details of a few microseconds are important. MQA also uses innovative coding to build a file or stream which also delivers sophisticated metadata and can be delivered inside any lossless container, e.g. as ALAC, FLAC or WAV. Unlike the huge files from super-high-sample-rate systems, the MQA file is extremely efficiently encoded and yet it contains and protects all the sound of the original.

Caskeid is Imagination’s wireless audio IP platform, a collection of class leading hardware and software technologies that deliver efficient and accurate wireless multiroom and multi-channel audio. Specifically, the Caskeid platform integrates advanced quality audio processing, wireless connectivity and synchronization (for the best sounding audio). It also incorporates effective low latency (for instant response across the system), intelligent management and configuration of the speaker system and a gateway to over-the-air cloud management and maintenance. Uniquely, Caskeid delivers outstanding audiophile-quality stereo playback with less than 20µs synchronization accuracy, providing a true ‘Wi-Fi Hi-Fi’ experience that is good enough to replace wires, satisfying even the most demanding audiophile.

Imagination will be working closely with 7digital, a leading digital music platform and MQA supporter, to ensure its licensees have access to a rich catalogue of MQA encapsulated tracks that can be streamed to Caskeid-enabled speakers.

For more information, please visit www.imgtec.com and www.caskeid.com.


About Meridian Audio
Meridian Audio is based in Cambridgeshire, UK, and was founded in 1977 by psychoacoustics expert, Bob Stuart and design engineer, Allen Boothroyd. With over 35 years’ history of innovation and development of uncompromised consumer home entertainment systems offering exceptional performance, this award-winning company is widely recognized as a world leader in high-quality audio and video reproduction. Meridian developed the first audiophile CD player, the world’s first consumer digital surround controller, and the MLP lossless packing system included in Blu-ray Disc. The company’s optical disc players, DSP-based loudspeakers, video projectors, and scalers are unique in the industry, maintaining a super-quality digital signal throughout the path from the studio to the home, using advanced digital signal processing to deliver natural sound and smooth, crystal-sharp images with true cinematic realism. In 2008, Meridian established its Automotive division and has since developed in-car entertainment systems featuring their unique Trifield technology for models including the McLaren MP12C supercar, the Range Rover Evoque, and more recently, the luxury Jaguar XJ Ultimate. www.meridian-audio.com

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube @MeridianAudio

About Imagination Technologies
Imagination is a global technology leader whose products touch the lives of billions of people throughout the world. The company’s broad range of silicon IP (intellectual property) includes the key multimedia, communications and general purpose processors needed to create the SoCs (Systems on Chips) that power all mobile, consumer, automotive, enterprise, infrastructure, IoT and embedded electronics. These are complemented by its unique software and cloud IP and system solution focus, enabling its licensees and partners get to market quickly by creating and leveraging highly differentiated SoC platforms. Imagination’s licensees include many of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, network operators and OEMs/ODMs who are creating some of the world’s most iconic and disruptive products. See: www.imgtec.com.

Follow Imagination on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, RSS, Facebook and Blog.

Imagination Technologies and the Imagination Technologies logo are trademarks of Imagination Technologies Limited and/or its affiliated group companies in the United Kingdom and/or other countries. All other logos, products, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Imagination Technologies’ Press Contacts:
UK: Vicky Hewlett vicky.hewlett@imgtec.com +44 (0)1923 260 511
USA: Jen Bernier-Santarini jen.bernier@imgtec.com +1 408-530-5178

Meridian Press Contacts:

UK: Alex Seeberg Alex.Seeberg@meridian.co.uk +44 (0) 1480 445662

USA: Kaitlyn Virta kaitlyn.virta@meridian-america.com + 770-257-1091

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05 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

We Are The Ocean Review



Boy Jumps Ship starts things off with a thunderous sounding set. With three voices melding together in harmonious wonder, they really know how to pack a punch. With songs like ‘Black Hearts Don’t Beat’ and ‘Call To Arms’ (off their EP which was released back in June), it’s a wonder as to why they’re opening support on such a small gig. It’s unfortunate for the band that the crowd are mostly hanging at the back, round the bar, and not enjoying the incredible set being played. For those who are paying attention, the band put on a show that could make other bands jealous.

Taking to the stage next, the Bath boys from Decade bring about a mix of pop-punky vocals set to a rock backbeat. With the crowd having almost doubled in size since doors, people are drawn towards the stage by Alex Sear’s easy charm and charisma – but it’s the power of his voice that truly steals the show. Every song they play sounds bigger than the venue, as if unable to contain the sheer energy coming from the band.

Opening with the epically sounding ‘Nothing Good Has Happened Yet’, We Are The Ocean really know how to put on a show and with a string of tours behind them since forming back in ‘07, they have a solid sound and an even more solid fan base. When vocalist, Liam Cromby, admits that his voice is worn out, we could be lead to believe he’s put on a half-hearted performance. Well that’s something that just isn’t true of him. His voice is strong and clear throughout the set, though he does ask for audience participation when he just can’t maintain it. Even if his voice does shake and crack in places, it doesn’t deter from the passion and raw power he possesses. The venue is electric, from the people pressed against the stage to the ones leaning at the bar, there doesn’t seem to be a single person not having an amazing time. New song ‘Sweet Little Lies’ (if I caught the name correctly) gets us all excited for what’s to come on the new album. With ‘Confessions’, Alfie Scully really comes into his own and shows us all just how accomplished a guitarist he is. The acoustic ‘Chin Up Son’ brings the set a much calmer, more intimate feel, with Cromby taking to the stage alone. This gets possibly the biggest sing-along of the night, with the crowd matching him word for word and even drowning him out in places. Seriously, if this is when his voice is less than perfect, I can’t wait to see them again when it’s not because his off day matches most vocalists’ good ones.

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17 December 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Behind The Scenes – Jongo Moves Everyone


Have you seen our Jongo Moves Everyone video yet?

Well, have a watch and answer the below questions to be in with a chance of winning Jongo Xmas kit!


For the chance to win one of three Jongo A2s just get onto our Facebook page answer the two questions below:

Question 1: What artist does the cat select in our latest video?

Question 2: What track would you choose to make the animals move?

And remember to check back on our Facebook page for another question on Friday, and you could win not only a Jongo A2, but two Jongo T2Xs as well.

*See T/C’s below


Get with us behind the scenes and meet the stars

2 x penguins



 There were actually two penguins on the shoot, Charlie and Ferrari. We wanted Charlie the penguin to ‘wink’ at the camera, however penguins are physically unable to wink as their eyelids are sideways




Cat Imdb Page
Roy, our original cat was fired from his role only to have his brother Rob take the limelight. Cat brothers Rob and Roy aren’t new to the screen, as they have previously featured in many video campaigns, including one for The Co-op.





Due to hamsters being nocturnal, Harry was filmed overnight with a go-pro.


Keep checking back on our Facebook Page for more outtakes starring our furry friends.



Competition Rules

  1. This competition starts at 10.00am GMT on the 17th December 2014 and will run continuously until 11.59pm on 21st December 2014, when the competition closes.
  2. This competition has two questions. Entrants may elect to enter this competition by answering either Question 1, 2 or both.

Question 1: Entrants will be required to submit an answer to our question “What artist does the cat select in our latest video?”

Question 2: Entrants will be required to submit an answer to our question “What track would you choose to make the animals move?”

  1. Entrants should tweet @PURE_Insider or comment Pure’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/PURE), including the question and their answer.
  2. For Question 1, three (3) winners will be selected at random from a list of those who have answered the question correctly. Each winner will receive a Jongo A2.

For Question 2, one (1) winner will be selected by our judging panel based on the creativity of their answer. The winner will receive two Jongo T2Xs and a Jongo A2.

  1. Winners will be asked to provide pictures of themselves with the prize for use on our social media outlets (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest).
  2. Each winner will be contacted via social media and announced on Pure’s Facebook page and blog insider.pure.com on the 22nd December 2014.
  3. This competition is subject to the Standard Competition Terms and Conditions set out below.



Standard Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. The promoter of the competition is: Pure (Imagination Technologies Limited), Imagination House, Home Park Estate, Kings Langley, Herts, WD4 8LZ (“we”, “us” or “our”).
  2. Your entry in the competition constitutes your acceptance of these legally binding terms and conditions.
  3. In order to be eligible to win, you must:
    1. be over 18 years of age and resident in the United Kingdom;
    2. have access to the internet; and
    3. not be one of our employees or an employee of our associated companies (including their family/household members).
    4. Only one entry per person is permitted, unless otherwise stated. Automated entries will be invalidated, including multiple entries from the same IP address or telephone number range.
    5. No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are not received by us.
    6. Names of the winners may be used by us for promotional and publicity purposes, unless you otherwise notify us at the time of submitting your entry.  Winners may be requested to take part in or co-operate with reasonable publicity.
    7. Your personal data will be used strictly to administer the competition or otherwise only with your consent and will be handled in accordance with current UK data protection legislation.
    8. No cash alternative or alternative prize(s) are available on request but in the event the advertised competition prize(s) are unavailable we reserve the right to offer alternative prize(s) of equal or greater value. Prizes are non-transferable.
    9. The competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You understand and agree that you are providing your information to us and not to Facebook. By entering the competition, you release Facebook from any action or claim arising out of the competition. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the competition must be directed to us, not Facebook.
    10. We will not be liable for any damage, loss or disappointment suffered by any person taking part or not being able to take part in a competition. By participating in the competition, to the extent permissible by law you release us from any and all claims, damages or liabilities arising from or relating to the acceptance of any prizes in connection with your participation in the promotion. Nothing in this clause shall act so as to exclude our liability for death or personal injury as a result of our negligence.  We are not liable in the event that any portion of the promotion is cancelled due to weather, fire, strike, acts of war or terrorism, or any other condition beyond their control.
    11. We may, at our sole discretion, disqualify you from the competition on the basis of any fraudulent, rude, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate behaviour.
    12. Our decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    13. These terms and conditions are governed by English law.




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11 December 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Say It With Sound This Christmas

Now that it’s finally December, it’s time to get excited about Christmas. With just seventeen days to go, this really is the most wonderful time of the year. Fairy lights, Christmas trees, mince pies and of course presents!

We understand that Christmas shopping can be a bit stressful at times, so we have decided to make things a little easier for you. Pure has a horde of digital radios and wireless speakers that would make fantastic gifts for family and friends. Here’s a few of our suggestions:


For Mum

The Evoke D4 Mio is the perfect gift for mum. Stylish and with superior sound quality, the radio comes in seven different colours with interchangeable cases so you can match it to your décor.  Great for either the kitchen or the bedroom with kitchen timer, alarm function and snooze handle at the top (great for those cold mornings!).

 Pop_Midi_3QtrLeft_2014_07_30_CMYK Xmas

For a Brother

Pop Midi with Bluetooth is a cool looking DAB digital and FM radio with a compact footprint, making it perfect for anywhere in the house. Designed and engineered based on user feedback, Pop Midi is the user-friendly radio. It’s so simple to use, just press the big button on top to turn on and off and twist to adjust the volume. There is also the option to purchase with Bluetooth, which means he can use the radio as a wireless speaker streaming from any smart phone or tablet.


For Dad

The Pure Evoke D6 not only looks great but sounds fantastic too! With a symmetrical and sleek design, the radio looks at place in any home and the two speakers give it immense stereo sound. The wooden casing has been specifically chosen for its acoustic properties. Packed full of features and with many digital radio stations to choose from, this is a toy that is sure to keep dad entertained. The Evoke D6 also comes equipped with Bluetooth, so he can play his favourite music from any smartphone or tablet.

 Evoke_D2_Rob_Ryan_Right_Angle_Cutout Xmas

For a Sister

Featuring an exclusive bespoke design from the fine artist Rob Ryan, this beautiful designer Evoke D2 DAB digital radio would be the perfect present for any stylish sister. Available in festive red, or blue, this radio is equipped with Bluetooth for wireless speaker capabilities.

 image description

For the Driving Enthusiast

Highway H260Di is an advanced car stereo with Bluetooth connectivity, super audio and a wide choice of digital, FM and AM stations. The Bluetooth connectivity safely allows you to make and receive phone calls, it also comes with a customisable button lighting so the radio will match the dashboard of your car.


For the Traveller

Know a globe trotter? Why not give them the gift of music on the move! Voca is Pure’s new rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. Attractive and compact, Voca comes in a hard-wearing aluminium case for durability, allowing you to take it anywhere. Weighing less than 1kg, it’s the perfect travel companion, and its superior stereo sound will sound fantastic in any corner of the world.

And if you’re still stuck, we’ve made a couple of Pinterest boards with a few of our favourite presents for him or her. You can find all of our products at www.pure.com.



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08 December 2014 ~ 0 Comments

New Music Mondays – The Maine


With the gig downgraded from Academy 2 to Academy 3, the bands could feel a little disheartened but they don’t. Everyone onstage seems to be playing the gig of their life. With energy flowing and music playing, Academy 3 is electric.

Nick Santino’s set is rock’n’roll mixed with a country twang. Never have I seen one man and his guitar win over a crowd so quickly. He plays songs about love, loss and heartbreak – something we can all relate to. His voice sores around the venue, sounding like the perfect combination of broken glass and spun gold. As each song finishes, more and more people are watching in awe – with a few misty eyes spotted too.

For a band that are enjoying their first time playing here, Lydia certainly seem shocked by the amount of fans they have in the crowd. Leighton Antelman is an unlikely frontman but wins everyone over with his awkward charm and amazingly powerful voice. Keyboardist, Matt Keller, is a captivating man to watch. He seems to be playing like a man possessed. With ‘This Is Twice Now’, the crowd are completely hooked and singing along. This is a band that I cannot wait to grace our shores again.

With a crowd rushing towards the stage before you’ve even started, applauding the roadies, and generally becoming more impatient with every passing second, you know you’re onto a winner. The Maine are a band that have certainly grown with every album they’ve put out, and tonight’s show goes to prove it. Playing old songs with a new spin, showing just how much they’ve progressed. They are definitely a band that proves that you can stay true to your roots, without being scared to take chances and try new things. Unfortunately for the band, the venue’s sound quality starts off shaky and just doesn’t match up to their talent, leaving them sounding muddy in places – not that the rabid fans seem to mind, they’re clambering at the stage as if their lives depend on it – thankfully though, this seems to resolve itself after a few songs and it’s all good from there on out. The Maine are a band that really know how to captivate an audience. Everyone in the venue is dancing and singing along – even the parents waiting at the bar can’t resist tapping their feet along to the music. ‘Vanilla’ certainly has the crowd in the palm of their hand – even I can’t stop myself from dancing to it. Having played this venue 7yrs ago with The Academy Is…, the band play an amazing set filled with songs that other bands wish they’d written.

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By Megahn Keene, SSR Music and Creative Industries Student

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