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01 September 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Conor Oberst – Manchester Cathedral


 Conor Oberst - CREDIT Butch Hogan

On first glance, Manchester Cathedral doesn’t look the most likely place to put on gigs. One girl in the queue actually asks, “would God approve of this?”, but with music bringing about a sense of belonging and community, it isn’t such a far stretch from religion in my mind.The crowd is an odd mix of people, ranging from middle class suit wearers just out of work, hipster students trying to outdo each other, and musicaficionados just wanting to hear the bands. But one thing does unite everyone, the love of music and the near desperation for Conor Oberst to play.

First at the pulpit is Dawes. Their soaring guitar solos remind me of ‘My Morning Jacket’. Although there are a few die-hard fans singing along, the rest of the crowd just doesn’t seem to be won over. This is a band with power and energy but they just don’t seem to be connecting with the majority of the crowd. Not sure if the lack of atmosphere is anything to do with the band personally, or if it’s down to the venue itself.

With the crowd so eager to see him, Conor Oberst has them in the palm of his hand before even stepping foot onstage. Within the first song he manages to whip the crowd into a frenzy. They clamber closer to the stage, clinging to each other, in hope of being nearer. His voice sounds like heart-breaking desperation, occasionally cracking on notes and tripping on words in his haste to get his feelings out. The feeling and presence is there in abundance though.

The atmosphere is almost tangible with the crowd swaying back and forth, singing every word at the top of their lungs. Some even begin to cry, overwhelmed by everything. This is clearly not just a gig but an emotional rollercoaster for some. Oberst himself plays like a man possessed, writhing around as if the music is too much for him to bear and must get it out in any way possible. The whole things seems suitably fitting for the venue; with the lighting bathing him in an eerie shadow, Oberst looks like a preacher commanding his congregation. His voice reaches every corner and echoes throughout the cathedral leaving everyone captivated.

‘Desert Island Questionnaire’ sounds akin to a battle cry, the words being almost spat out into the world for all to hear. With ‘Lua’ bringing the audience to a standstill with everyone silent as it’s delivered similar to a sermon. The members of Dawes, who are Oberst’s band for this tour, give the set such a grand and sweeping feel that it’s hard not to get caught up and go along with it.

His latest album, ‘Upside Down Mountain’, is out now on Nonesuch Records.

*picture credit: Butch Hogan

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28 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Pure re-invents digital radio with the help of its customers

Pure launches Pop, a consumer led and design-focused range of digital radios

pop midi small


London, UK, 28th August 2014: Pure, today introduces the Pop family, a revolutionary style of digital radio ‘designed for the listener’.

The Pop range is designed to reinvent radio and is based on insights from extensive research with radio listeners. Its key design elements are derived from a study into how people want to use and interact with their radios. The result is a trio of products, Pop Mini, Pop Midi and Pop Maxi, with instant access and ease of use at the forefront of its design, while delivering high quality audio.

Instant access to radio content was a key requirement, so the Pop’s controls are centred on a large button on the top of the radio. Users can now turn on their radio at the ‘pop’ of the button and the radio will automatically revert to the previous station and volume. In addition, there are easy access presets to quickly change station. There is also strong support for Bluetooth across the range in response to many customers wanting dual functionality and access to wireless streaming.

Both a small footprint and great sound quality were equally high on the list, which is why the range comes in a compact and stylish vertical design to cater for space conscious home owners. The Pop Mini and Midi deliver exceptional sound for their size while, the top of the range, Pop Maxi delivers a powerful, stereo sound available from either FM, digital radio or streaming through Bluetooth. Other research dictates that consumers like to be able to view a large, clear clock display as well as the scrolling text, which is why Pop is now the first Pure product to deliver this. As a flexible battery solution was also considered important, Pop has the option for eco-friendly ‘fit and forget’ rechargeable ChargePAK, as well alkaline or standard rechargeable batteries.

Nick Hucker, senior director of sales and marketing at Pure, says: “Since inception, digital radio design has remained largely unchanged, despite the evolution of consumer listening habits. Many entry level digital radios lack individuality and quality audio, despite the advances in technology and high-quality sound engineering. This is why we wanted to introduce Pop, a product focused on how consumers interact with their digital radio, based on functionality, ease of use, while maintaining a stylish design and first class audio that Pure customers are accustomed to.”

Pop Mini

The smallest radio in the Pop family is designed to take up as little space as possible on the kitchen worktop or the bedside table. Its mini design also lends itself to being portable, meaning it can be taken with the owner from the kitchen to the study with ease. It features 10 presets with 5 dedicated keys in response to consumer feedback on ease of use, so it’s ideal for all the family to use.

Pop Midi

Midi has an identical footprint to Mini but with its taller size, comes with a bigger sound. The radio is ideal for all rooms in the home as well as music listening in the garden. There is also a version of Pop Midi with Bluetooth that delivers the ultimate in dual functionality, giving users both a high quality radio and a Bluetooth streaming speaker in one.

Pop Maxi

Maxi is the biggest radio in the Pop family, double the size of Midi – but also double the sound. Maxi is a stereo product with Bluetooth as standard, giving users the ability to stream music from any smartphone direct to their radio, inside and outside the home.

Benefitting from Pure’s heritage of British design and engineering, the practical and stylish Pop family use highly energy efficient digital audio amplification to deliver the best possible sound quality, excellent battery life and low power consumption. The Pop family comes with three years warranty as standard and is mains powered with the option to take regular alkaline batteries or an eco-friendly rechargeable ChargePAK D1 for portable use. As with all Pure’s current range of digital radio, Pop is Digital Radio tick approved, meaning the range is ready for a Digital Radio switchover, ensuring it will not only look good and sound great in any room, but is future proofed.

The range starts from an SRP of £59.99 up to £99.99, the Pop Midi will be available to buy at all good electrical retailers and https://shop.pure.com/UK/ from September with the rest of the family coming later in the year. For more information on the range, including technical specifications and more, please visit  www.pure.com.

About Pure

Pure is a world leading consumer electronics manufacturer and leads the way in music streaming and radio systems, multiroom audio and entertainment cloud services with the Pure Connect portal www.pureconnect.com as well as innovating in new areas. Designed and engineered in the UK, all of Pure’s products are manufactured with the environment in mind and at ethically audited facilities. Pure is a division of Imagination Technologies Group plc. See www.pure.com.

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20 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Pure changes the face of award-winning radio



Pure takes inspiration from key colour trends for its new Evoke Mio digital radios

London, UK, 20th August 2014: Pure, today announces its Evoke D2 and D4 Mio range of digital radios with Bluetooth in a choice of seven interchangeable casings to suit every interior.

Taking inspiration from 2014/2015 key colour trends*, the new Evoke D2 (SRP £129.99) and D4 (SRP £179.99) Mio ranges are available in seven new colours, Almond, Aloe, Cerulean, Charcoal, Pewter, Raspberry and Scarlet. As the chosen colours match key trends for small domestic appliances, such as kettles and toasters, users can match their radio to their kitchen décor. The stylish leather effect casings are available to purchase as accessories for (SRP £24.99 and £29.99) so it’s easy to update the radio’s look.

Both models come with Bluetooth as standard giving users the flexibility to stream music wirelessly from their smartphone or tablet both inside and outside the home.

The new radios build on the success of the iconic Evoke, renowned for excellence and quality and offer something for all the family. The luxury but compact Evoke D2 Mio is ideal for small spaces from the kitchen to the study, while the premium Evoke D4 Mio is perfect for all around the home including the bedroom, thanks to its handy SnoozeHandle**. Both models come with the added assurance of a three year warranty.

Nick Hucker, senior director of sales and marketing at Pure, says: “For many consumers, home and garden improvements are one of life’s great loves, which is why our new range comes with interchangeable casings, giving consumers that added flexibility when they next choose to customise their home.”

Benefitting from Pure’s heritage in British design and engineering, both radios are packed with high-quality components, hand tuned and built with wooden cabinets to enhance audio. This combined with highly energy efficient digital audio amplification, the Evoke D2 and D4 Mios deliver the best possible sound quality. They also benefit from excellent battery life and low power consumption.

Other features include an aux input for an iPod/ MP3 player, alarm, sleep and snooze timers, high quality OLED display and a kitchen timer. The radios can also be taken out and about thanks to support for the optional rechargeable battery packs, which give users up 20 hours of portable listening per charge for the Evoke D2 Mio and 12-15 hours for the Evoke D4 Mio. The Evoke D4 Mio also comes with a remote control. As with all of Pure’s current range of digital radios, both models are Digital Tick approved, meaning they are ready for a Digital Radio switchover, ensuring they will not only look good and sound great in any room, but are future proofed.

The Evoke D2 (SRP £129.99) and D4 (SRP £179.99) Mios will be available to buy at all good electrical retailers, and https://shop.pure.com/UK/. The interchangeable casings are available from and SRP of £24.99. For more information on the range, including technical specifications and more, please visit  www.pure.com.

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14 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Sweet sounds for a Sweet Tooth

As season five of The Great British Bake Off, is well under way, and our favourites are starting to shine, we’re ready to get creative in the kitchen.Images

As we all know that sound is the perfect accompaniment to baking – We’ve decided to inspire you to have your very own bake-off, to do this we’ve created a baking playlist on our Pure Connect audio streaming service  and even suggested a cake to get you started.

With many famous chefs, including René Redzepi, choosing heavy metal as their genre of choice in the kitchen, we’ve added in a cheeky number from recent Glastonbury headliners, Metallica, great for listening over the sounds of the oven fan or blender. If you prefer something a little more upbeat however, check out Norwegian DJ Kygo, or if something more relaxed is up your street, why not pop on some jazz, we suggest Miles Davis or Gregory Porter.

You can listen to the full playlist here on Pure Connect. Why not share your favourite baking songs with us and we can add them to our playlist, just tweet us or Facebook us with #myjam #GBBO

If our playlist hasn’t got you in the mood to bake yet, why don’t you throw on some reggae, add a little spice and try out this delicious recipe for a Jamaican Ginger Cake.


80g dark brown Sugar

50g butter

150g self-raising flower

1 egg

50ml dark rum

1tsp of ground ginger

1tsp allspice

50g finely chopped stem ginger

100g golden syrup

100g black treacle


Firstly, preheat the oven to 180C/350F/gas mark 4, and line your round baking tin with grease proof paper. Put the butter, treacle, syrup, and sugar into a saucepan and melt. Let the mixture cool down a little before adding the rum and chopped ginger, and then the (beaten) egg. Sieve the flower, ground ginger and allspice and then add to the pan. Stir it all together and pour it into your baking tin. Let it bake for 40-45 minutes (if you want to check if it’s ready insert a skewer or fork into the cake, if it comes out clean it’s ready). Once you have removed it from the oven let it cool and then pour a little syrup over the top.

Happy baking!

If you want the sweet sound of music while baking it’s worth considering  our Evoke D2 for example, which looks great in any kitchen, or something more stylish such as our Orla Kiely Evoke Mio, which come equipped with kitchen timers, so baking couldn’t be easier.

For more information on our digital radios please visit: www.pure.com

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11 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Edinburgh Fringe Festival



The Edinburgh Fringe Festival kicked off last week which hosts an array of entertainment including music, comedy, theatre and dance. This year the Edinburgh Fringe Festival runs for a period of 25 days (1st August until the 25th) in which the population of Edinburgh doubles with people all over the word visiting to become a part of it all.  In keeping with the start of the festival and the celebration of one of the largest arts festivals in the world we have put together a playlist on Pure Connect of famous Scottish music artists in a host of genres. From indie rock from the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Fratellis, electronic with Chvrches and Calvin Harris or if you’re feeling extra cultural give Celtic rock band Runrig a listen.

You can listen to the playlist here.

Alternatively if radio is your channel of choice, the BBC is broadcasting the best from the Fringe. Check out BBC Radio 3’s Queen’s Hall series which presents fifteen episodes featuring concerts from the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh. You can listen to BBC Radio 3 live here, or on any of our digital radios.

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04 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Introducing Megahn Keene for #NewMusicMonday

Today, we want to take this opportunity to introduce our new gig reviewer, Megahn Keene. Once a month Megahn will take you on a musical journey, bringing you the latest gig reviews, while introducing you to a world of new music and up and coming artists.


So Megahn, some quick fire questions… How did you get involved in the music industry?

I first got involved in the music industry at the tender age of 14, when I used hand out flyers, sell merchandise and pretty much do whatever I could to gain experience. It was about a year later that I first went on the road, where I quickly learned that the industry wasn’t as glamorous as I was led to believe, it was however, much more exciting.

From there I spent the next 8 years working in a number of roles, both on and off the road, for a few different companies. It was a fantastic; I got the opportunity to travel all around the UK, even lived in a number of places too.

So what are you doing now?

Now, I’m currently studying Music Business & Creative Industries at SSR Manchester.  Away from music, I recently became a member of Manchester Roller Derby and train with them weekly.

What’s your favourite music genre?

Hard choice. For genre, I’d probably have to say rock because that includes so much music that I love.

What’s your favourite radio station?

Real XS or Team Rock would be my favourite.

Where do you most enjoy listening to music?

Probably the kitchen as it tends to be where I hang out with mates. Plus washing dishes is more fun when you’re dancing along to something.

Finally, give us a little insight into Megahn…

Well, aside from music, my main loves are my family, my dog and coffee.

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04 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Pure drives in-car digital radio adoption with nationwide installation service


Pure is driving in-car digital radio adoption with a new nationwide installation service for its award-winning Highway 300Di digital radio adapter so motorists can get their car upgraded at their convenience.

Highway 300Di, a previous recipient of the prestigious Auto Express’ Product of the Year, provides outstanding digital radio reception, the ability to pause and rewind live digital radio and full iPod connectivity. The Highway 300Di, along with all Pure’s current range of radios for the home and the car, has been approved to carry the Digital Radio tick mark, which has been devised to give consumers confidence that they are purchasing a radio that is ‘future ready’.

The new service is available from www.pure.com/highway300Di for a fixed price of £299, which includes the unit plus professional installation at home, anywhere across mainland UK. Pure’s automotive partner, Nemesis GB Ltd. has facilitated the new service and selected UTL, part of the Unipart Group, as the installation provider. UTL is highly experienced in providing this kind of service and already manages similar initiatives for customers including Vodafone and Jaguar Landrover.

Says Nick Hucker, Pure’s sales and marketing director: “We are extremely pleased to offer such a flexible installation service and purchase route for our Highway 300Di digital radio adapter and to work with such an accomplished installation partner. This new approach will give customers peace of mind that their car is being upgraded by highly skilled engineers and the confidence to go digital.”

Says Nathan Grigg, Senior Account Manager at UTL: “We are a customer service driven business and our team of highly skilled engineers are very used to and enjoy dealing with customers directly on a daily basis. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality service and look forward to upgrading the UK’s cars with this innovative product from the most respected name in digital radio.”

Says Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK: “We are pleased that Pure is making it even easier for motorists to upgrade their cars to digital. Driving car conversion is a key requisite in achieving the criteria for digital radio switchover and making sure that in-car digital radios are widely available is critical.”

For more information, please visit www.pure.com/digitalradio 

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04 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Cavaliers – Sound Control

For a Saturday night, Sound Control was pretty dead when I arrived. The only people in the venue are either in bands, working for bands or friends of the bands. But supporting act, Forty Four Hours don’t seem to notice, or care that there’s hardly anyone watching. They play with so much heart that it’s impossible not to be won over. Their catchy bass lines and clean harmonies go even further to draw you in. The frontman plays the crowd like he’s playing an arena, going so far as to get the whole crowd (all 30 of us) clapping along.

Next up, Hold My Desire, with a ‘Bring Me The Horizon sound’ they seem to me to be a little out of place among the rest of the line-up. While the guitarists are both technically proficient and the vocalist clearly has passion for his craft, with so many other amazing bands with similar sounds, they don’t do enough to stand out from the crowd. Maybe if their bassist had turned up to play, they would have left a lasting impression.

Cavaliers Pic

Don’t Do That Live have only been a band since October 2013 and already they have written music full of danceable beats and sing along choruses. From the Kaiser Chiefs-esque sounding riffs of ‘Wild Fire’ to the slower ‘Against The Ropes’ that has a dopamine kind of vibe, they bring an amazing mix of melodic vocals and catchy music that should have audiences captivated. Unfortunately, the majority of this audience was more interested in getting their next pint as opposed to the Radio 1 worthy band onstage. Their album ‘Bad Idea’ is available on iTunes, I fully recommend buying it and catching them if they play a venue near you.

By the time the headline act the Cavaliers are ready to play, the audience has thinned out even more and the venue is practically empty. That doesn’t stop them from playing their infection brand of pop rock to those of us left. Vocalist, Scott Williamson, struts about the stage like a young(er) Aled Phillips and manages to win the crowd over by slipping in a sly bit of Lionel Richie’s ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’. The band’s cover of Kids In Glass Houses’, ‘Easy Tiger,’ is possibly the biggest highlight and has people singing and bopping along. If I was the betting type, I’d put money on these guys filling larger venues in no time. So, go get a copy of their EP ‘Best Days’ from cavaliersuk.bandcamp.com.

By Megahn Keene

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09 July 2014 ~ 0 Comments

A Pure interview with Rob Ryan

Firstly, a huge thank you, we’re absolutely in love with the finished product, our Evoke D2 by Rob Ryan.

So, how do you like your first digital radio?

It’s interesting because I don’t really see it as a design but more like a picture, it’s pretty.


Twelve months from when we were first introduced, are you able to talk us through the design process?   

This was a tough job! The limitations of trying to create a story on three separate surfaces in quite a restricted print brief wasn’t easy. The first design sat in the studio for month after month, and I couldn’t quite see why exactly it didn’t work. But then I got it, there was too much of it! I’m the sort of artist that doesn’t “do minimal” naturally, but I saw here that I had to approach with a much more ‘less is more’ attitude.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Flip the question! What do I not get inspiration from? The answer is nothing. The Earth’s very existence is inspiring alone, a miracle. Every single thing contained within it is inspiration enough for a lifetimes work.

The title of the poem is ‘Listen to the World’ is there a meaning behind this?

Of course, it’s unbelievably simple, take time to listen to things beside yourself, listening leads to understanding and empathy and hopefully to more and more good things. Not listening is stupid, arrogant and bollocks.


What radio station will you be listening to on your radio?

Radio 2, 3, 4 and Gold for 70’s pop hits.

Where do you most enjoy listening to music?

On my bike, on my iPod, riding through the park or deserted country lanes. Never on London streets though.  Way too dangerous.

What’s next for you? We know you have been working on a book are you able to tell us more?

It’s called, ’The Kingdom Revealed’, it’s the 2nd part of a trilogy that began with ‘The Invisible Kingdom’. It comes out in October and I’m just putting the final touches to it right now!


The Evoke D2 by Rob Ryan is available in John Lewis in stores and online . They are also available from Rob’s store on Columbia Road, priced at £119.99

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23 June 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Women in Engineering Day

Today’s world has been fuelled by imagination and creativity. From the latest smartphone to the wireless music system seamlessly playing music around your home, it’s fair to say that behind every great technology, is a great engineer.

So, in celebration of National Women in Engineering Day, we want to introduce you to some of our great engineers, first up is Dora.

Dora Slate
What did you study at University?
Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University

What age did you decide on a career in engineering?
Not until Sixth Form when I was deciding what I wanted to do when I left school. I had always enjoyed making and drawing things but I never really thought I could make a career out of it. Our careers service at school really only gave the options of civil engineering, or at the other end, graphic design or artist, none of which I wanted to do.

Were you encouraged to take up engineering?
I was encouraged by my D&T teachers who suggested Industrial Design as a degree course. It wasn’t something I’d ever heard of before but it fitted with my interests and I’m very grateful that they took the time to help me with applying to design courses at university.

Do you think more women should consider a career in engineering?
I think that women are greatly under-represented in the engineering sector, and this has been my experience as well.

There is definitely a certain stereotype of male and female engineers, and I don’t think that I fall into that! Many people don’t realise that engineering encompasses far more skills and disciplines than purely technical; it’s an exciting industry, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it, male or female?

Why did you choose a career at Pure?
I was really interested in working for a company where all the design and engineering was done in the UK, and was excited to work on new and exciting products. We also had what was probably one of the first Pure radios at home, so it was a brand I knew well.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love starting a new part of a project and thinking of all the possibilities and ideas that can be done with it. I also really like seeing all the hard work on a project transform into a product that you can hold in your hand and see going out for sale to real customers.

What advice would you give to other women considering entering the industry?
Although women are a minority in engineering at the moment, this will change. It’s more important that you enjoy what you’re doing.

Don’t just take Dora’s word for it:

 Vasiliki Simaiki 3Vasiliki

“I enjoy the opportunity software engineering gives to be creative and work on cutting edge tech, as well as new ideas and better solutions. Women are great for engineering as they think differently to men, are organised and combine attention to detail, leadership, and management. Females wanting to be an engineer shouldn’t be intimidated. I would also advise them to actually pursue an engineering career and try to make a difference, since there are a lot of interesting aspects of engineering that someone can get involved in.”


As technology is improving every day, the software engineering field will always have new requirements and challenges. As a company we are already leading the way in tomorrow’s technologies. This makes the work interesting with new tasks and new goals coming every day.

Rishika Varadarajan 1

Most females underestimate their potential. My advice to all the females would be to choose a career which will, firstly keep you motivated each day, secondly allow you to have a balance between family and work, and finally which will give you a platform to utilise your potential to the fullest.”

To be a part of an ever evolving industry, keep a look out on our website for opportunities: http://www.imgtec.com/careers

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